In the Chocolate

Author/Artist: Murata Mayu
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year Published: 2011
Genres: A collection of short stories including In the Chocolate, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Blue Sky Heaven, and Dream Tour~Pop Up Book.

*Note: We will not be translating Blue Sky Heaven, as it was already done by another group.



6 thoughts on “In the Chocolate

  1. Ah, I’m looking forward to read the next chapters. ^^
    First chapter is cute. :)
    I have a question, I hope the administrator answers it. Is each story involved with chocolate? Because of the manga’s name, I had come up with that question. 0v0


    • Hi Kawaii-chan!

      As far as I’m concerned, not all stories contain a chocolate theme. It’s a volume of four one-shots, and the others don’t seem to be chocolate-related. :)

    • Hi there! :)

      I looked through the files on MangaFox and I noticed the problem. It seems that when they upload our chapters, some of the pages get scrambled. Rest assured, if you download our releases at our website, all of the pages will be in the right order. :)

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