Ruu no Rakuen

Author/Artist: Tsukishima Sango
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year Published: 2006
Genres: Romance, Shoujo
Summary: A cute oneshot about a girl who loves dolphins (her father runs the aquarium where they live) and visits them often at a local theme park who becomes interested in a brooding young man—without realizing that his family owns the theme park where her beloved dolphins live, and whose father may be shutting the aquarium down…


Chapter 01 Chapter 02 Chapter 03 Chapter 04
Chapter 05 Chapter 06 Chapter 07 Chapter 08 (END)

8 thoughts on “Ruu no Rakuen

  1. I read this on Mangafox and I thought that because it was a one shot, it would only be one chapter. When I reached the end of the first chapter I was like, “wait… WHAT?! This must be incomplete! But.. it says completed D:”

    • Hi there!

      The “Completed” refers to its status in its country of origin. Although the manga itself is completed, it hasn’t been completely scanlated yet. So, stay tuned for future releases! :)

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