* BEFORE you submit an application form, you must complete the test for the position you are applying for. Once you have done that, submit your test along WITH your application form. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification. Host your completed test onto Mediafire and paste the URL in the respective field on the application form at the bottom of the page.PLEASE be sure to put your name somewhere in the filename!

*Note that not all applicants will get a reply. We will only be contacting those who are right for the positions. Therefore, if you do not receive an email from HeeJoo within seven days, please do not spam her email inbox or the website chatbox with questions about your application.

Raw Provider Position

Of course, this is more of a provider position and not exactly an official one. We don’t mind if you provide the same raws to others, but unless you are only providing your raws to DayoftheRiver, you will not necessarily be an “official” part of our group. However, you will be credited in each chapter and you will have a place on our staff/contributors list. Basically, you will be scanning the raw books and sending us the image files. You will have to save the images as .TIFF files.

Editor/Cleaner Position

You will be responsible for preparing the raw image files. This means you will need experience in Photoshop and you will need to know how to prep the images to a high quality standard. The position involves cleaning and erasing all of the text and making sure the pictures aren’t too grey/dark/large/etc. If you do not have Photoshop experience, I’m afraid that—most likely—you will not be hired for this position.

Download the Editor Position Test here.

Quality Checker Position

Your line of work will be make sure that the cleaned raws are edited to a good standard. Are all speech bubbles erase? Has everything been levelled properly? Basically, you will be looking over the cleaned raws to make sure everything looks alright. If there are things to fix, you are the one to fix them. Photoshop experience is a must for this position as well. There is currently no test, but there will be one in the future. Please note that although you may apply while there is no test, you may be subject to take one if we manage to create one before your application has been processed.

Translator Position

We are currently recruiting Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean translators. If you speak, read, and write any of those languages, we want you! All you have to do is transcribe the original text to English, type it into a Word or Notepad file. It would be preferred if you have Photoshop experience, as it would be much easier and less time-consuming to have the translator do the typesetting for the same chapter as well. Therefore, top priority will be given to those with Photoshop experience. This is an essential position to our team! So if you are interest, please apply today!

Japanese Translator Test ~ Korean Translator Test ~ Chinese Translator Test

Proofreader Position

You will receive the translation file from the translator, and you will be reading through it to look for spelling/grammar errors, correct sentence structure, and that everything makes sense. You are to ensure that all the information the typesetter needs will be there. For example, if you see a word translated directly from Japanese and you have no idea what it is, ask the translator to translate it so we can include the definition for other readers. If you see something that doesn’t make sense in accordance with the story, point it out/fix it. If you think a translation doesn’t make sense, clear it up with the translator. No Photoshop experience is needed for this position, but you will need to have excellent English spelling and grammar skills. There is currently no test, but there will be one in the future. Please note that although you may apply while there is no test, you may be subject to take one if we manage to create one before your application has been processed.

Typesetter Position

You will basically be taking the text from the translation files and typing them back onto the images. You must convert the final images to .JPG format. The key to being a good typesetter is using a variety of fonts. Please keep that in mind when you are completing your test.

Download the Typesetter Position Test here



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